Barnyard Hair Stylist

June 1, 2013

This past April was the month for shearing our Alpacas. We do this once a year in the Spring because the  Alpacas need the fiber off during the hot summer months.

Alpaca shearing

David Willis from Iron Heart Shearing did a fabulous job.

Alpaca shearing

If you’ve never seen shearing in person, it is quite the production. The fiber comes off in sections; 2nd’s, 1st’s, and then 3rd’s, which actually depict the fiber quality. The blanket area (or 1st’s) is the prime fiber that is the softest and used more of clothing.

This is Annabell, our 18 month old female. She has amazing staple length and I will be entering her fleece in competitions this coming year.

Alpaca fleece

Alpaca shearing

I am exited to have all my fiber processed this year into yarn, socks, hats, roving, and some other ideas in the works.

Alpaca fiber

I love the “hair cuts” David gave our critters. I think they look quite spiffy sporting their ‘new do’.



Alpacas Alpacas emotion


In other news – we are expanding our pasture, which we need badly, because we have gone from 6 Alpacas to 9 Alpacas, with hopefully two Crias coming this Fall. We are also starting on our barn, which I am really excited about.

We hope, once we get our pasture and barn finished, we can open up our farm to visitors.

Until then, please stay tuned for updates,

David and Debbie McCormick

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